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About Prostate

Prostate is a part of the male reproductive organ, producing and storing semen fluid. It is about 3 centimeters long and weighing 20 grams in an adult man, located in the pelvis, under the urinary bladder and in front of the rectum. It comprises of many small glands which make about 20% of the fluid constituting semen. Prostate glands work on androgens, a male hormone, which is responsible for facial hair,sexual drive and amplified muscle mass. Prostate surrounds the urethra, a tube like structure that carries the urine and also the semen during ejaculation.

Prostate problems in different age groups
Prostatic diseases can be grouped into infection and enlargement which can also be cancerous. Although infections of the prostate occur in the younger age group the enlargement typically starts after the age of 45 years.

Common symptoms of prostatic diseases are :
Frequent urination, stop and start type of urination
Poor flow of urine, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder
Getting up several times in the night to pass urine
Burning in urine
Painful ejaculation
Blood in urine

Prostatic problems can be diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, Ultrasound and Physical examination.

Urine analysis
A simple blood test like Prostatic specific antigen can detect prostate cancer

Treatment of prostatic problem depends upon its cause