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Q. What are the common symptoms of urological problems?
Symptoms are pain while passing urine, burning, blood in urine, feeling of urinating again, you have a feeling as if u have not emptied completely or pain in your back, getting up in the night to pass urine, you can't hold urine , having a poor urinary flow , you have to wait for some time to start the flow ,leakage of urine.

Q. What are the symptoms of the presence of stones in the Kidney?
Symptoms are painful urination, blood in urine, moderate to severe pain in the back, difficulty in passing urine. Sometimes kidney stones can be present without any symptoms.

Q. Does water help in flushing out the stones?
Yes, it does help,If you have small stones stuck in the passage but water does not help in getting rid of big stones.

Q. What are the symptoms of BPH? And please suggest some treatment?
Symptoms are taking too time to pass urine, getting too many times to pass urine, feeling of incomplete evacuation, waiting the stream to pass, having blood in urine, urinary infection.

Q. My friend got a Nephrectomy done recently, does he need any precautions in future ?
Yes he is living on a single kidney so he need to be very careful, regarding health of his remaining kidney...he should routinely get his urine test, ultrasound once in a yr, keep a check on his BP, Diabetes if he is having.

Q. What are the causes for stone formations?
Causes may be by and large they are unknown but known can be dehydration, heredity, metabolic, hormonal imbalance.